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SchoolBuzz is an online guide for parents of school children in Barnet and South Hertfordshire. It’s a superb research tool to explore the options available to your children locally.

We have everything a parent needs to take the stress out of the school years – all in one website.

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Nativity or no-tivity?

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yes, you’ve guessed it. The infamous school nativity play. Children across the country are gearing up to mystify us with an array of performances, which, let’s be honest here, have absolutely nothing to do with the Nativity.

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Here You'll Find

  • An insiders guide to state and independent schools (the good, the bad and the brilliant)
  • The perfect music or maths tutor (piano and pythagoras sorted)
  • Brilliant party and activity ideas (does Tabitha fancy a lion tamer this year?)
  • Even a FREE online marketplace for nearly new school bits and pieces (Have they given up the violin already?)

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